TON Bridge 1.0 - How to transfer ERC20 tokens from Ethereum to Free TON blockchain?
Now you can transfer TIP3 TON tokens to ETH ERC20 tokens and vice versa.
TIP3 type tokens appear in your wallet when you send tokens from ETH to the Free TON Blockchain while ERC20 tokens appear in your Ethereum wallet when you transfer from the Free TON Blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain.
To transfer ERC20 tokens, you must have any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens installed: MetaMask, WalletConnect, Torus, Fortmatic, Autherium, Burner Connect.
Please note that you also need to have enough TON to cover the costs of transactions on TIP3 blockchain. (Try to keep around 5 TON on your wallet to ensure everything is processed correctly.)
This tutorial uses MetaMask and Chrome Extension of Crystal Wallet.
Connect to Metamask
Connect to Crystal Wallet
    Open the site TON Bridge
    Click Connect my wallet, or select tokens in the upper right corner: ETH-TON
    Select the wallet on which there is a balance in USDT (USDC, DAI, ..) and ETH, the wallet will automatically connect you
    Enter the amount in the window that opens
    Enter the amount you want to transfer and click Next
    Enter the address of the wallet from Crystal Wallet to which you want to send tokens and click Next (by default it will fill the address of your wallet in the Crystal Wallet extension)
    Check if everything is correct, if yes - click Transfer tokens
    Confirm the transaction in your ETH wallet
    Wait for confirmation of the transaction, at the moment it is 12 blocks. After confirmation, you will receive a confirmation that the transaction has been sent
    Once the transaction has been confirmed, you will see the following screen. Just click on Broadcast and confirm your actions.
NOTE: If nothing happens when you click on Broadcast, open your wallet (click on the wallet extension icon) then click on "Deploy" if this button is visible. In order to send any tokens from your wallet, it needs to be deployed. For this, you would need to have a few TON. You can read here to deploy your wallet.
    All transactions created to receive tokens are now displayed in the transaction history
    Look, USDT has automatically appeared in the address list with the balance you transferred!
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