WTON - How to issue WTON and transfer it to Ethereum?

1. Install Crystal Wallet or update it

2. Refill your TON balance on the main account

3. Send the desired amount of TONs (plus 1 TON on top) to the vault contract address using your main wallet address (not multisig): 0:d0936a9fc29b5175487208b1d07ab8042ce7ddbc2de7e271c4087ca833b865cc

1 TON is needed to guarantee the correct deployment of your personal WTON contract. Once it’s deployed, you will receive the change back

4. Wait for a while (~1 min) for WTONs to arrive in your wallet — the token will be added automatically

5. To transfer WTON to Ethereum, just indicate the Ethereum address in the destination field, as you used to

Please note: if you do not see the WTON on your wallet, you can add this TIP3 token using this root contract address 0:0ee39330eddb680ce731cd6a443c71d9069db06d149a9bec9569d1eb8d04eb37