Is there a tool now to track BRIDGE holders and BRIDGE token movements?

It is in development, we will share once there is more information

Has the first stage of the presale (6% of tokens at $ 2) already taken place? Was it a private presale? How were the pre-sale participants selected?

Yes, it is over. It was run across hedge funds and other liquidity providers

When is the second stage of the presale expected (6% of tokens at $ 4)? How to get there?

It will be announced separately

What are the rules for Farming (4 years) 65% of tokens?

It will be distributed among relays for validation and to those who keeps the tokens in the farm

You have a breakdown of 65% (Farming) + 12% (Presale) + 12% (Broxus) + 11% (DeFi Alliance) this is already 100%. But then the airdrop percentages are also indicated 2% + 2% + 1% + 1% + 5%. Where does the 11% airdrop come from?

Aidrop is managed by the Defialliance, the distribution comes from them.

When are the payments made for relays and stakeholders?

It is made once per week.

Do I understand correctly that if I added liquidity to the WTON-BRIDGE pool, it will be possible to use two income items - add LP to the farming pool and also receive an airdrop as a bridge token staker?

There will probably be double farming, a pair of tokens at once, we have already made this modification for farm pools

Is it already possible to buy BRIDGE tokens?

Yes you can do so on, on the BRIDGE-WTON pair.
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